Das Pferd kommt ans Bollwerk zurück

The horse comes back to the fortress
Grazia Pergoletti / Der Bund / 15 January 2010

For years the art landscape of Bern has always something happening whether in Progr, or the relatively young galleries of Mark Blond or Milleau. This subtle but stubborn departure is now hanging in the snow air: On this coming Saturday, opens at Bollwerk 17/19 with Neue Gallery an exhibition by the Australian artist Linda Tegg, who at least with a projection brings the horse back to the fortress.

On the Bollwerk premises in the saloon an aristocratic manor appears through the projection, which is almost completely filled by the majestic horse. Goia del Molin who works for the Museum of Art Lucerne says, “The artists brings the horse into a surprising context, plays with the fragility of the majestic aura and his loaded symbolic presence. At the same time underlying Linda Tegg’s work is the long artistic tradition of perfection when portraying the horse as a subject, as the effigy of power, representation and masculinity.”

It is also very pleasant to know that the three young galleries will be teaming together. On Saturday I recommend a discovering a small tour: Visit at 3pm the opening at Milieu Gallery, (Munstergasse 6), at 4pm go into Marks Blond (Speichergase 8) and at 7pm finish the night with a party at 5pm for the opening of Neue Gallery. Art that the high horse did not condescend to.

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