VerfÜhrerisches Pferdegetuschel

Horse Whispering is Seductive

“New Gallery” crowned prince as the young Berner Gallery with a different point of view.

You name the program: The “New Gallery” wants to be different in their concepts, in their understanding of art, and art market. And it is actually. It is going a new way. For example, currently with a city horse.

“We are not afraid of horses,” is the most current project of the gallery, New Gallery. It opened recent and also not really in every sense of the word. The doors of Bollwer 17/ 19 stay closed and will stay that way. Concrete terms: Only until 16 February you can see the work 'Horse Video Study "by the Australian artist Linda Tegg, each evening - and only through a window.


“The horse must be alone in the space,” says Sandino Scheidegger one of the initiators of the New Gallery. Two shop-windows give a free view of the video installation. On both projections you see a horse. It is alone in room without furniture. The floor of the room is a precious parquet, stucco graces the ceiling. The view of the audience does not stop at the screen but rather at the reflection of the window that is directed towards the green of the leafy forest and the summer. In the urban area of the Berner of railway station wanders the view the observer through two rooms – the empty rooms of the Bollwerk and then the projection of the empty rooms with a horse out in the outdoors. And therefore it is strange the view into the leafy green is a peak into the spring and summer, only not in the so local January where the observer finds themselves to be. It was a brave initiative a few Fridays ago to invite people to an opening and then let the visitors stay on the sidewalk, and in the cold of the winter. Nevertheless the people came without knowing they would have to stay outside. If they knew they probably would have still come. Most of the people are regulars to the gallery of Luca Muller and Sandino Scheidegger. For there exciting work, they were honored about a year ago they were honored with the youth price of the community of Bern (we reported.) The fans follow the two Berners wherever they take their exhibitions, regardless if it is in Bern, London or Riga (in Latvia). This is because the two gallery founders present their mass appeal art without a fixed gallery location.


A cluster of over 60 visitors stop and blocks the sidewalk. In the least it hinders the passage. More and more passers stay and whisper again and again. Evening after evening those interested stand in front of the window. In the empty room they search for the attraction others question whether there is a party taking place! - Or they hurry on. The "New Gallery" surprised us once more.

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